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Lynnie thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5ft 6in
 Created: July 24, 2007
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Name: Lynn [Real Name: Lillian Turpin [she doesn't remember her real name]]
Nicknames: Lynnie
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 150

Personality:: She's cute. Like, all the time. Generally, she isn't very easily scared, unless she's in an unfamiliar environment, or unless she knows someone is after her. In this case, She freaks out at the slightest things. If she's freaked out, She generally swears a lot and screams, and also smacks the unlucky people who sneak up on her with a shovel. She acts pretty innocent, for the most part displaying the mentality of a sixth grader, even though she's much smarter than that.

Fighting Style:: Lynnie was trained a long time ago in her younger years how to fight in various martial arts styles, and despite her amnesia, She still carries the vague knowledge of fighting with her, even though her lack of memory causes her to be clumsy when she tries to fight normally. However, when she's angry, She turns almost Juggernaut, practically unstoppable unless Knocked out or Rendered completely motionless. Aside from this, She generally results to smacking her attackers with her shovel until they stop moving.

Paranormal connections:: Just recently, Lynnie had experienced Death twice, and was brought back to life by Nightmare both times. Because of her experiences, She shares a strong connection with the other side. So when she's fighting, and in severe trouble, she can subconsciously connect with the spirits about her, utilizing their abilities to her advantage. Sometimes part of the spirits meld with her during this time, and she takes on random personality traits from the spirit. When not fighting, Lynnie doesn't always pay attention to the paranormal activity around her, thus being scared witless when a ghost pops out of a wall and goes 'HI THAR!!!'

History:: Lynnie is the long lost sister of Guido Turpin. This she doesn't remember when on her own because she was put up for adoption at the age of three. She spent the ten years after that with a rich family whom she thought was her actual family, until finding out at the age of 13 that her real parents had abandoned her out of necessity. She ran away from home to try and find any family she may have left, and then one year later, she found herself lying in the middle of a cemetary in a downpour, with no memory, and a bloodstained outfit. She was taken in by Eli Calloway, a caretaker who had taken up residence in an old abandoned hut in the center of the cemetary. Eli decided her new name, and that she would assist him by becoming the local grave digger. He didn't tell her at first that this job included keeping a bunch of unruly undead from escaping their graves... Poor Lynnie.

In recent months, she Encountered Guido once again, and also his Dream Demon Doppleganger, Nightmare. Since, she has started regaining her memory, revealing to all of them that she was Guido's sister. After a great may unsettling adventures with Nightmare, and eventually her own doppleganger Nyx, Lynnie finally decided to cast away from Guido, deciding that her own demons were putting him in too much danger. And thus her adventures in Void City begin.... [will be updating intro comic to reflect this soon.]

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