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Leviathorah thumbnail  Gender: m
 Height: still growing
 Created: July 3, 2007
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A reptilian creature living in the sewers, he was driven to its farther reaches due to the Armageddon '06 disturbances. He came across nuclear waste left by an industrial facility, thus mutating him.
His sewer home became a bit to tight for him. In his efforts to make the sewer tunnels to his liking, he became responsible for some major underground disturbances. The public caught glimpses of him, and rumors flew of a beast lurking below the streets. Elio had a team sent down to investigate these rumors, and invited him to join the KoM Tournament.

-Since emerging from the stale dank sewers, the new outside/city environment has triggered mutagens within him. He seems to be continuously growing, and mutates as the days go on. In fact, it could be speculated that elements from fellow monsters could lead to more mutation, but that is yet to be seen.

-He's quick and agile, and his scales are tough and durable. Adept at climbing and swimming.

-Being a sewer dweller made him immune to bacteria and acid and stuff. He's rather dirty, his mouth is full of deadly bacteria which causes infection upon biting [think komodo dragon] which spreads and leads to more problems, and likely a limb lost.

-He can spit up his own digestive fluids, which is gooey and highly acidic. He's a pretty good aim with it too.

-The little fins on the sides of his head protect his little ears [located behind] though his hearing isn't to great to begin with. He relies on vibrations as well.

-His tongue is used for scent, like a snake or lizard. His nostrils are more for breathing.

-His teeth are sharp, and replace themselves like a shark's teef.

-Good night vision and underwater vision. Has second transparent "eyelids", pretty much for underwater.

-He can swallow large objects [food, mainly] like a snake. Food is good for making more stomach goo to vomit out.

-The fin on his back can be flattened against his back.

-Able to walk upright or on all fours.

-He's neutral, probably leaning towards destroyer.

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