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Katka Katarina thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5
 Created: May 26, 2007
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Kat, a. k. a. Katka Katarina

Name: Katherine (but just call her "Kat")
Age: 21
Weight: What's it to ya, punk??
Occupation: Waitress/Receptionist/Demon Hunter

Kat is just your average girl, trying to get by. She works two awful jobs by day: weekdays at Generic Scenario, Inc., the office for a huge company that sells generic scenery to comic artists; and weekends at Mama Samelli's, an Italian restaurant where she hopes to become chef someday WITHOUT having to sleep with her uncomfortably affectionate (female) boss. She lives alone in an apartment complex in Void City called Assy Aparments (it used to be "Classy Apartments," but the "CL" was blasted off in a gang war).
Personality-wise, she's pretty sweet-tempered for someone with such a pessimistic opinion of humanity. She has a biting sarcastic wit (of the cheerful sort), and is very likeable and fun to be around. However, she has few actual friends, as she's emotionally distant and is very slow to let people get close to her. She's very intelligent and sensible, not prone to gossip or drama or high school bimbo girly things. She's not a tomboy by any means, but she abhors skirts and makeup.

Yep, totally normal. EXCEPT...

She is also secretly the magical demon huntress Katka Katarina. Her sacred duty is to hunt down demons (or other dimensional travelers) and send them back the realm from whence they came. She can sense if a being has the dark soul of a demon, or if they are surrounded by the spacial distortion of an unauthorized dimensional traveler. She takes her duty very seriously, because you see, if extra-dimensional squatters are allowed to exist outside of their dimensions, the borders between worlds will weaken and eventually collapse, and that just WILL not do. She is unclear on the true nature of her abilities; they seem to be demonic in nature, and all she knows about her powers and her duty is what she can piece together from rare fragments of dreams in which the moon talks to her. She's hesistant to believe in a "moon goddess," but this is what she nevertheless attributes it all to.

Um, yeah.

Can manipulate darkish smokish energy stuff into different forms, most oftenly swaths of ribbon, but can also make doppelgangers and other things, maybe. Can summon daggers/swords made of purple lightsabery stuff. (More details on design sheet.) Has super-strength. Hand-to-hand fighting style is Russian Systema punctuated by fun acrobatic flippy-kicks.

When in a square-shaped area, she can open an interdimensional portal with the Staff Thingy and the Special Chant to send extradimensionals back where they came from (see intro pages).

-Her ears are not pierced.
-She's somewhat curvy. Don't be afraid to depict her with some meat on her bones.
-Her outfit is different every time she transforms. That's the fun part. :D

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