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Samuel the Space Rat thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6 inches standing
 Created: April 23, 2007
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Occupation: Space Explorer.
Race: Rat (Just RAT)

Thats right, Samuel The Space Rat.
He WOULD be an average rat, but something inside him is slightly different from other rats. He is Hyper Intelligent, The Longevity of a human, and Iron constitution (he can drink full grown humans under the table)

Story: Every once in a while, those who travel the Cosmos get homesick, and Samuel has been away from home for a longggg time. Tired of the endless black void that is the outer reaches of space, He returns to earth, but earth has changed since he was last there, and where first home was, there was nothing. However, near by, his little space ship scanners picked up unusual readings. Following his scanners, he found Void City, In all his travels he had never seen any city so big.

His curiosity was perked! This was a Strange place, He HAD to explore it!
Mabe, even... stay here and find a new home...

Weapons and tools and abilities:
Ray Gun - It shoots lazer Beams! *phew-phew*
mini magnetic-grappling hook. the Grappler magnet is strong enough to lift him if the claw cant hook on to anything.
Super Balloon - This nearly indestructible balloon can lift him high into the air, he uses little thrusters on his boots to move around.
Goggles - just wee little goggles
Claws - Like all rats he has sharp little claws, that can be used defensively or to climb stuff!
His tail - He uses this to keep his balance when walking on something like a tightrope (he could use all fours offcourse)
and if he's falling, he can grab onto stuff with it.
Teeth: He can gnaw holes through walls and food. His own teeth are sharp and strong enough to give metal a run for its money! Plus they are constantly growing, so if need be he can break one off and use it as a weapon.

Ultimate understanding: After hearing somone speak a few words of a certain language, Samuel can for some strange reason, understand that language. (if somone said something in Spanish and Samuel was near by, he would suddenly know Spanish)

Super Rodent Strength: Really isn't that big a deal, it means Samuel is about as strong as the average normal human.

Ship: His ship is a converted "brain cruiser" he hijacked and fitted with an AI system and manual control system. Thus, the ships name is "Brain."

Personality: Like most rats he loves to explore, chew stuff for no reason, hoard food and when hes happy, he makes a weird chirping noise. Oddly enough hes surprisingly surly and a real fighter. He once killed a space lion from the inside by jamming himself in its throat! Hes brave, Fearless, and cunning! And if need be, he can MacGuyver a tool or machine to use.

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