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Luciander Moonblight thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'2
 Created: April 22, 2007
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FULL NAME: Luciander Aloysius Moonblight
NICKNAMES: Lucy, Andy, Surly Bastard
AGE: 22
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'2"/157 lbs.

The researcher for a team of abnormal & paranormal investigators, Luciander "Lucy" Moonblight was on a trip back home from a solo mission when the Greyhound he was on broke down and was forced to stop at Void City. With no room in the budget for the rest of the team to wire him some money and the next bus out of Void to headquarters coming who knows when, Lucy is stranded for the time being.

While Lucy just wants to get out of Void as quickly as possible, his occupation means that he's sometimes very curious about and fascinated by the variety of strange people and things that make up the city. So when he's not vaguely wandering the streets looking for ways to earn some Getting The Hell Out money, he's snooping around and trying a bit of freelance investigating.

Physically, Lucy is tall, skinny and a bit gangly. His long straight hair reaches all the way down to the middle of his back, and is painstakingly dyed black. He has a thin moustache & beard, capped off by a big bushy goatee on his chin. He has extremely pale skin and dark circles around his eyes (it comes from being emo), and a variety of piercings that vary from day to day. He has a large, long scar over his left eye, which he received in mysterious circumstances (rumored to involve a vending machine) and which he with a sigh refuses to tell anybody about.

Personality-wise, the best way to summarize Lucy would be "asshat". Raised by second-generation hippies (The Moonlights, he added in the B to his own name) just outside San Francisco, Lucy rebelled against his family and is determined to be the best damn emo pseduo-goth-punk-whatever he can be. He is sarcastic, impatient, condescending, foul-mouthed and argumentive, not to mention short-tempered and a poor sufferer of fools. Sometimes Lucy'll like a person and be reasonably civil towards them, but that's not terribly often. Lucy's interests are investigation of the quirky, a variety of dark & emo things, himself, and not much else.

Fighting-wise, Lucy is fairly decent in hand-to-hand combat, though he prefers kicking, and hitting via inanimate objects. His weapon of choice is a wrought-iron fireplace poker (he thinks it's dark and gothy) which he usually keeps hidden under his pants & strapped to one long leg. If he can't use his poker, he'll generally try to use any object at hand to try and win the fight. He's fairly clever when he wants to be, so there's a degree of ingenuity to his tactics. While often times Lucy will try to escape from huge trouble and get out of harm's way, if sufficiently riled (not too hard to do) or the situation's right he will stay and fight. Lucy enjoys a good bout of violence sometimes, mainly when he's winning, and is a definite taunter and gloater. While not the strongest or smartest new kid on the block, Lucy is temperamental and confrontational and has *some* brain, and there's no telling what he'll do when challenged in certain ways.

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