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Kaz thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 14cm / 5.5 in
 Created: November 19, 2006
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Unknown (acquired current shape about 6 years ago)

Wish Fairy

Kaz is a creature born from a wish. After wishing close to a fairy sphere, the sphere takes a shape that represents said wish after granting it. A fairy born from it and the wisher are meant to be close to each other and have tight bonds between them, but bonds or not, Kaz got tired of feeling neglected and left his companion in hopes of finally doing as he wants. It was by mere chance that he arrived at the entrance of Void, what awaits him in such a city is still unknown.

---Wind Manipulation: Sword helps to channel the wind on a single direction, otherwise it's pretty random. He can mostly do gusts that can stop a person on it's tracks and blow away small things, wind can also be used to cut through things from a distance. Wind techniques that can actually lift a person off it's feet an do big damage (like tornados) happen mostly as flukes.
---Temporary Immortality: If Kaz is "killed" he awakes the next day by his wisher's bed, the cycle only breaks if the wisher dies.
---Speed: Max flight speed of 300mph, can do sharp turns without slowing down at all.

We could say he has a very happy-go-lucky attitude... when he's not being lazy, hot-headed and/or selfish. He can also be a sarcastic evil bastard at times. Do things his way and he'll be nice, go against him and he'll misbehave.

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