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Vodka Martini thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4"
 Created: August 3, 2006
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Name: Vodka Martini
Age: 17
Birthday: April 14th
ZodiacSign: Aries
BloodType: O-
Weight: 100lbs
Hieght: 5'4"(not including ears)
Species: Caracal/German Sheperd (Feline/Canine)
Parents:: Tonic Martini(mother),Absinthe Martini(Father)

Colors:: Main/Shade

MainFur:: AppleGreen/GrassGreen
2ndFur:: White/CoolGrey30%
Eyes,Inside of Ears,Tongue,Pawpads:: YellowedOrange/Pale Vermillion
Hair:: CoolGrey30%/CoolGrey50%
Markings:: Black

Vodka has a firey personality. Shes cold hearted bitch to say the least unless you're the one she loves or a close friend. Vodka is not easy to approach, even her appearance and facial expression most of the time can scare you off. Being part German shepherd even though its a domestic dog can be rather vicious independent and willing to attack you at any giving moment. This breed of dog gives her strenth, agility, sense of her surroundings and a very keen eye for people to trust. The other half of her being a Caracal though its a small species of Feline it is still wild and can be deadly. This is where she inherites her balance, flexibility, sense of hunting/independency and sight whether its light dark rainy or sunny. Bringing these species together makes her a fighting machine, one that doesnt rely on any one else. Vodka is one of a kind.


-She has big ears (optional industrial piercings/4 in each ear)
-Her eyes have NO shine. meaning no white in them
-She has razor sharp teeth watch the fuck out
-Her ears can move in any direction...MEANING EVERY DIRECTION
-She can straighten out her tail depends in she wants to wag it or not
-Has the power to control fire from her hands feet and mouth

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