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Improve your sequential art skills competitively!

  1. Create your character.
  2. Challenge other artists to comic battles.
  3. Members of the community will critique entries and votes will decide the winner.

Warning: is intended for mature audiences. Art and other materials will very likely be unsafe for work or small children. Proceed at your own risk.

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pineapple pocky The Barber
pineapple pocky

Voting ends in
(September 22nd, 2014 at 11:59PM MST)

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News, Everyone! -

Just in time for Summer presents a brand spanking new event that has been cooking for over a year. Seasoned with a range of new challenges for our thrill happy members....this one has more than a few twists.

Short and Sweet
*Original Concept by Puzzlething
A Battle Royale Style Artist Match with a Super Ultra Secret Mystery Theme.

Sounds fancy sure....but what the hell does all that actually mean?!

All Artists taking part will be required to submit an original comic WITHOUT the use of any VOID characters......and the comic must reflect the Secret T.B.A. Theme....with those exceptions the characters, setting, genre and plot are completely up to the individual artists.

What?!....I can`t use my character?........ OK.....that's certainly new…..but…well….ummm

What.....not `sweet enough`

not iffy about not using my character is also going to be open to any member that wants to take part


 Anyone that is already an Artist.......Yup….there will be no maximum number of entrants or selection process…if you feel you can handle it and wanna do it; then sign up and you are in....even VOID Artists that have been accepted but haven't had their first match can join!

But that would mean this might get pretty big.....OK that is pretty wait a minute!...... what's so 'Short'  about it then?

I'm glad you addition to taking place in only one round the Artists will be restricted as to the page count of their comics...a maximum of 5 pages.

What!!????....that's crazy

Well the emphasis there is to show people that bigger is not always better.....better is better and it can be done in smaller comics with a greater focus on quality

* Artist Sign Up ends August 3
* Artist Line Up and Ultra Secret Theme will be announced together on August 4th
*  There will be a 4 week deadline starting on August 4th and ending September 1st with one week of Voting immediately following
* Comic MUST represent Announced Theme and MAY NOT contain the depiction of any official VOID character including but not limited to those characters owned by the artist or his competitors.
* 3 page minimum and 5 page maximum. There will be NO page stacking, doubling up or giant pages silly buggers here.....stick to standard page sizes.
*Theme has been pre-selected by Council and will not be released to anyone until the aforementioned date.
* Not meeting requirements will result in automatic disqualification from Tourney for the Artist as well as the chance to be shamed by all of their peers. These lowlifes will also quite possibly develop an annoying rash in various embarrassing locations about their person.


This event has been designed to challenge and educate those that choose to take part....engaging them in somthing new and forcing them to restrict themselves and focus on the creation of a fully realized and finished comic within the alotted time and page count and in accordance to a particular would be expected in real life by any number of publications and editors.

Although this event will be open to everyone that wishes to take part it will be very challenging for all involved… take it seriously and consider your current situation and abilities before entering….remember performance affects your chances to get into other events.....and nobody likes a default or half finished work.

This event will also be a challenge to our other members when it comes time to will be somthing new and different and the content and format will require even more serious thought and critique than is normally required….especially if there is a large turn I hope you will make an effort.

The Winner will have the Title of `Short and Sweet 2014`  added to his/her character profile on the Main Site as well as the self satisfaction of knowing that he/she has beaten the pants off of everyone else....neener neener neener.


Applicants apply below with Artist Name and web address for your account

for example;

Wei Ingnan;u=132

Added to portal by Wei Ingnan - July 19, 2014, 01:34:21 PM
Dearest VOIDlings,

I deeply regret to inform you that your entire world is about to be turned upside down. Armageddon has arrived, and the only ones who can stop it from destroying life as we know it is our tiny band of heroes. Our chosen comic artists have slaved for the past six weeks to defend Void City from the evil that has been exiled to the past and now threatens our very extinction.

Two very talented VOIDers have teamed up this time for what is possibly the most dangerous threat yet! Bayou and Bog, by amazingdavid and THE Angie, have already begun to cause mass chaos among the citizens of Void City.

We have called upon six brilliant artists to defend our fair city from this looming threat:

Now it's your time. Void City needs you to head over to the Armageddon comic page, read both the Threat's comic (DavAngie with Bayou and Bog) and the Defenders' comic, cast your votes, and be sure to leave critiques to help our hard-working artists improve and grow! Your votes will determine whether Void City lives on... or whether it ends as we know it.

Added to portal by Bobo - June 13, 2014, 11:30:30 AM
Art Jams! part of a balanced breakfast or even an evening snack

artwork and awful joke presented by fowlie;u=1712

Added to portal by Wei Ingnan - May 31, 2014, 06:32:42 AM

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