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Improve your sequential art skills competitively!

  1. Create your character.
  2. Challenge other artists to comic battles.
  3. Members of the community will critique entries and votes will decide the winner.

Warning: is intended for mature audiences. Art and other materials will very likely be unsafe for work or small children. Proceed at your own risk.

Comics to Vote On

Andy Heller Boom and Meredith Nyasuu May Wu THE BEAST OF VOID GIGARA
Game Night 2: Electric Boogaloo
Andy Heller vs. Boom and Meredith vs. Nyasuu vs. May Wu vs. THE BEAST OF VOID vs. GIGARA

Voting ends in
(April 26th, 2014 at 11:59PM MST)

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News, Everyone! -

The Master of Disaster has come and gone, and all the citizens of Void can once again safely wander out of their nuclear shelters to congratulate Jongbong on his most excellent victory, and perhaps pat the other participants on the back for all their hard work trying to survive in this snowy hell.

Slept through the apocalypse? Go back and read up, why don't you:
Round 1;id=4876;id=4875
Round 2;?id=4903

--If that wasn't enough to satisfy your hunger for battle-royale style matches, then fret not, as our good Pyras-Teran has again organized a game night, where he has amassed several fighters to partake in a six-way Dungeons-and-Dragons themed battle.
Role playing! Dice! Comics! Excitement!

--The second Void Anthology has closed it's doors to submissions and is now under way to become a real thing that you can hold in your beautiful hands! Thank you to all those who participated, we can all look forward to the release now. It's allowed. Encouraged, even.

--Finally, if you looked at some of the promotional art for the site and thought 'hey,this is old and boring and it's been the same forever,' well good news, everyone thought the same thing! Head over to the forums, where Angie has created a Jam to respond to that very need. Draw your character(s), in colour, on a transparent background, and all the submissions will be made into one great 'Epic Void Collab Poster' kinda thing that will rock you to your foundations.
Do it now:

-Le Fred
Think Tank

Added to portal by THE Angie - March 19, 2014, 10:54:21 AM
Master of Disaster 2014

A Major Disaster will occur and those taking part in the Tourney must see to it that their character can survive.... with or without their fellow VOIDlings.

But as with any disaster, you can never predict what will happen or when or to the actual type of Disaster will not be announced until after the Selection of the Artists taking part. It could be anything; a Tornado or an Earthquake or a Plague or a Crime one will know what dire fate is awaiting those chosen until it is too late.

An 8 slot tourney taking place over 2 rounds. Round One will consist of two 4-way Elimination Matches with the winner of each continuing forward into a final 2-way match for Round Two.
Each Artist will be responsible for a comic supporting the Announced Theme and depicted use of all of the characters within his/her selected group. In round Two it is suggested from a narrative standpoint (but not required) to depict any survivors from the winning comic in Round One in the Comic for Round Two.


* Artist Application ends January APPLICATION IS OVER January 19th
* Selection and Type of Disaster will be announced together on January 20th
* Round One beginning January 20th with a three week deadline and one week of Voting.
* Comic MUST represent Announced Theme and MUST contain the depiction of all Opposing Artist's characters within respective Group each round (i.e. Group One Members must have comics depicting all of the Characters from Group One.)
* 4 page minimum
* Not meeting requirements will result in automatic disqualification from Tourney for the Artist as well as the chance to be shamed by all of their peers. These lowlifes will also quite possibly develop an annoying rash in various embarrassing locations about their person. YOUR COMIC WILL NOT BE POSTED IF YOU DO NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This is a theme driven tournament where all comics entered must revolve around the T.B.A. Major Disaster (i.e. Flood, Earthquake, Plague) that involves all of the characters within the assigned group. The Disaster Theme pre-selected by Council will be constant for all artists and for both rounds.
The defeat or death of your 'opponents' characters is not necessary or required in any way. When your life is on the line, Friends can become Foes but your greatest enemy can also become your greatest just never know what will happen when your life is on the line. Then again some people will do whatever it takes to survive....even if it means they are the only one that does.

Artists and Subsequent Groups will be selected from Applicants by Council Majority Vote and placed by Automatic Selection Process. Your battle history as usual will influence our selections.

The Winner will have the Title of 'Master of Disaster 2014' added to his/her character profile on the Main Site as well as the self satisfaction of knowing that he/she is better than everyone else and is really really going somewhere*

*Satisfaction is not guaranteed by and is in no way responsible if you are not in actual fact better than anyone else and do not end up going somewhere after winning this tournament.


Applicants apply below with Artist Name, Character Name and Character Thumbnail.

ie Angie with Angela Rudell

Added to portal by Wei Ingnan - January 03, 2014, 02:28:18 PM
THIS MONTHS DEADLINE IS Dec.16th ....all entries must be in my E-mail before 12 Midnight this date.
VOTING WILL BEGIN ON Dec.16-17th and the Winner will be announced on Dec.23nd

Added to portal by Wei Ingnan - December 02, 2013, 06:45:50 AM

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